Set Up

You have full control over mister and speed of fan the unit is a self contained unit with no hoses needed!

Easy to set up and disassemble in only 3 minutes.

All thats required

  • Water
  • 110-voltage electrical outlet

View the video to See how easy it is

Safety For All

No hose connections needed! So that means no tripping or Slip Hazards.
Our units reduce temperatures by up to 27 degrees Fahrenheit. Which means Lower heat related injuries in cool environments.

  • All units oscillate allowing for up to 3,000 sf. coverage in outdoor or partially covered spaces.
  • Tank design allows for complete air dry after use/No dis-assembly needed.
  • Prevents mildew build-up and drastically reduces maintenance costs.
  • Our units water atomization is extremely efficient due to advanced water technology which consumes less water

Easy to Use

  • Running time water can last on a full 100 gallon tank 3-4 days (assuming 10-12 hour days) 0r 20 hours full speed.
  • Operator has complete control over mist pressure and fan speed!
  • Height adjustability fan ranges from 67-84 inches.
  • Storage footprint only 42 Inches fan stores within its own hardened tank.